Alliance Building Services takes pride in providing our clients with the very best in commercial painting and flooring services. We have delivered painting and flooring services to clients throughout New York, Continually ensuring we only provide what is best for your particular needs, but also what most enhances the building visually. 



We deliver these services throughout the many sectors of NYC commercial real estate, continually providing budget friendly and aesthetically pleasing interior renovations to our diverse client portfolio. The finishes that cover the walls, ceilings and surfaces of a facility interior speak volumes about the people and businesses that occupy it. Freshly painted surfaces and appropriate flooring improve the atmosphere and quality of experience for everyone that enters a building.

The painting and flooring experts at Alliance Building Services have a proven track record of success and work across a broad range of businesses, big and small. Our professional painting and flooring staff is experienced, thorough and committed to professional courtesy, customer service, and client satisfaction.


Our Consultations

  • Site Evaluation & Assessment

  • Product Specification & Budgetary Consulting Services

  • Estimating, Purchasing, Warehousing & project Management Services

  • Union & Non-Union Installation Capabilities

  • Daily Project Supervision

  • Warranty & Maintenance Packages


Our Services 

Alliance Building Services offers the following painting and flooring options for our clients:

  • Painting & Wall covering

  • Faux Finishes and Venetian Plaster

  • Controlled Spray Finishes

  • Carpet & Carpet Tile

  • Vinyl Tile, Wood Flooring, Finished Concrete, & other Commercial Flooring Products

  • Expertise in LEED Compliance

New York Painting and Flooring Jobs with Alliance Building Services

Start your career as a commercial painter or flooring contractor servicing New York businesses with Alliance Building Services. Work in the state you love and get the career you have always wanted as a professional painter or flooring contractor. Applications are always accepted.